Ghostwire Tokyo: The place to Discover All Music Tracks for DJ Akito

Ghostwire: Tokyo There is not a single constant soundtrack. As an alternative, yow will discover and play a sequence of music tracks scattered all through the sport, creating a customized playlist alongside the way in which. All 31 music tracks are saved in your Stock menu underneath Music. As soon as you discover all of them, you can be rewarded with DJ Akito Trophy / Achievement.

As trophies and achievements improve, it is lots much less effort to seek out all of the music tracks (although you will need to clear the sport to get it). each music observe in Ghostwire: Tokyo There’s a reward for progress in both story, bought from one of many Relic-hunting Nekomata Sales space For Micah, or obtained by fulfilling the particular requests of these necomatus.

The next music tracks are listed within the order they seem within the Stock/Music menu. some delicate spoilers are unavoidable however minimized to the perfect of our means.

It’s price noting that whereas Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Endgame has two separate, clearly labeled factors of no return, you possibly can create a save file after the closing credit, simply earlier than the completion of “The Black Tower” mission that may take you again to Chapter 4. Will do it You possibly can freely revisit nearly each place within the recreation till you begin Chapter 5. That means, you possibly can’t actually miss any collectibles. ghostwireTogether with music observe.

Discover All Music Tracks for DJ Akito in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo

  • Offered for 12,000M by Netsuke collector Nekomata.


Hebinari Shrine

  • Enter Tokyo Tower in Chapter 5.

Tokyo Tower

Yasotoko I

  • Full “The Buried Life” in Chapter 2.



  • Defeat the second boss in Chapter 5.

Yasotoko II


  • Defeat the ultimate boss of the sport in Chapter 6.


  • Full 6 requests for the playful Nekomata.

kagome kagome

  • Full 9 requests for the playful Nekomata.


  • Fulfill all requests for the playful Nekomata.


  • Fulfill all requests for doll collector Nekomata.


  • Handicrafts offered by Nekomata for 9,000M.


  • Offered by Nostalgic Nekomata for 4,000M.

underneath the water

  • Offered by Nostalgic Nekomata for 9,800M.


  • Offered by luster-loving Nekomata for 9,500M.

time displacement

  • Offered by Playful Nekomata for 9,500M.

Funeral for me…

  • Offered by doll collector Nekomata for 9,500M.

doctrine of eternity

  • Offered by Japanophile Nekomata for 9,500M.

we’re ninja exorcist

  • Offered by Musical Nekomata for 9,500M.

new Age

  • Offered by Playful Nekomata for 9,500M.


  • Archeology offered by Necomata for 9,800M.

metropolis ​​morning

  • Offered by the weapon nerd Necomata for 9,800M.

Customer: Prototype

  • Offered by Occult Necomata for 9,800M.

Hebinari Shrine: Prototype

  • Offered by Vintage Necomata for 9,800M.

Tokyo Tower: Prototype

  • Offered by Vintage Necomata for 9,800M.

Ko-omote: Prototype, Yaseotoko: Prototype, and Abyss: Prototype

  • full the sport. Since these are technically the final three music tracks within the recreation and full prizes, you must try your DJ Akito Trophies/achievement fireplace after the closing credit if you’re gathering them throughout your preliminary playthrough.

DailyNinja @ FujiyaMart

  • Fulfill all relic requests of the music Nekomata.

Now that you already know the place to seek out all of the music tracks Ghostwire: TokyoYou not solely have a brand new trophy/achievement in your assortment with DJ Akito, but in addition a customizable soundtrack for exploding ghosts. for extra ideas, Go to our Ghostwire Information Hub,

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